After a record-setting 22/23 winter at Big Bear Mountain Resort (BBMR) that featured more than 20 feet of natural snowfall and over 5 months of operations, we’re gearing up for the 23/24 season by investing over $12.7 million across our three mountains – Snow Valley, Snow Summit, and Bear Mountain – including upgraded base area facilities, new walkways, improved on-hill infrastructure, parking lot repairs, IT enhancements, and more.

See below for more info on what’s happening at all 3 mountains.
    • Snow Valley

      Guests heading to Snow Valley, which joined BBMR in January 2023, will notice several improvements this winter, from a freshly paved parking lot to multiple base area and on-hill upgrades.
      Project: Magic Carpet Revamp

      Guests participating in Sports School or looking to take a few warmup laps in the beginner area will enjoy two new magic carpets with an all-new arrangement to improve efficiency.

      • Installed two (2) new magic carpets.
      • Revised previous magic carpet layout to better serve Sports School guests and minimize the impact of high winds.
      Project: Chair 2 Remodel & Beginner Area Expansion

      To better serve first-time and intermediate guests, Chair 2 has been shortened to provide quicker, easier access to the beginner area, which has been expanded to give guests more room to elevate their skills.

      • Quicker, easier access to expanded beginner terrain.
      • Fewer first-time and intermediate guests on upper mountain trails.
      Project: Snowmaking Infrastructure Improvements

      To better serve the expanded beginner area, as well as provide consistent coverage throughout the season, additional snowmaking infrastructure has been installed, including new high-efficiency snow guns.

      • Better snow coverage throughout the season.
      • Increased efficiency by using less water and electricity.
      Project: Rental Shop Renovation

      Similar to recent renovations at Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, the base area rental shop at Snow Valley received a full refresh, including new floor plan, efficient equipment storage, updated rental products, and revised check-in process so guests can grab their gear and get on the slopes faster.

      • All-new venue layout, equipment storage, and rental products.
      • New check-in process to reduce guest wait times.
      Project: Updated Dining Venues

      Guests looking to fuel up before, during, or after their day on the slopes will appreciate a full remodel of the Deer Meadow Grill with additional improvements to the outdoor seating area.

      • Updated venue aesthetics and reduced wait times.
      • Improved efficiency and expanded outdoor seating options.
      Project: Fresh Indoor Facilities

      Not to be outdone, the locker room, repair shop, and all restrooms in the main lodge have also been renovated so guests can get in, get what they need, and get back on the slopes faster. We also make improvements to multiple employee work areas, including a new break room, conference/training room, and HR office to make sure our team is set up for success this season.

      • All-new locker room layout and amenities.
      • Fully renovated repair shop and restrooms.
      Project: Repaved Parking Lot

      The entire parking lot has been refinished which means guests can say so long to unpaved patches and pesky potholes.

      • Repaved surface to eliminate rough patches and potholes.
      • Improved drainage to reduce snow and ice buildup.
      Project: IT Improvements

      Snow Valley also received some much-needed tech upgrades, including new pickup boxes and RFID gates so guests can skip the ticket windows and get on the slopes faster, and inclusion on the BBMR mobile app so they can stay in-the-know all season long.

      • Installed base area pickup boxes (PUBs) that allow guests to print lift tickets and head straight to the lifts. Tubing and third-party tickets must be redeemed at ticket windows.
      • Replaced traditional tickets with RFID access gates to reduce lift wait times.
      • Integrated Snow Valley into the BBMR mobile app to provide a more immersive guest experience.
    • Snow Summit

      After several major guest-facing improvements during the 2016/17, 2017/18, and 2022/23 seasons, the upgrades at Snow Summit this season have a more operational emphasis, including a fully renovated dining warehouse and new on-hill equipment that might not be as apparent to guests, but will go a long way toward improving their overall experience.
      Project: Dining Warehouse Renovation

      Sometimes you just gotta clean out your fridge (you do clean your fridge, right?), which is what we’ve done on a massive scale with a full renovation of our dining warehouse, to not only stay in compliance with local regulations, but provide more efficient product storage and distribution across our three mountains.

      • Installed new refrigeration and storage equipment.
      • Comprehensive interior and exterior renovation.
      Project: On-hill Equipment Upgrades

      We’ve added several new snowcats and snowmobiles to give our outstanding Grooming and Patrol teams more resources to serve our guests.

      • Improved Patrol response times to on-hill guest incidents.
      • Increased efficiency; reduced fuel and maintenance costs.
    • Bear Mountain

      Like Snow Summit, Bear Mountain has undergone several significant updates in recent seasons, including last winter, with even more in store for 23/24. This winter welcomes the completion of the Laybacks Bar renovation that began last year, as well as another expansion of the world-famous sundeck that includes a new USARC facilities for our adaptive-sports program and upgraded accessibility equipment for Patrol.
      Project: Laybacks Renovation Wrap-up

      The most famous après scene in SoCal is all set for another season of alpine good times after a multi-year renovation that transformed the space from an exterior bar into a full-service indoor/outdoor venue.

      • Installed exterior folding windows to improve employee experience and comply with safety guidelines.
      Project: Second Sundeck Expansion

      After nearly doubling its size in 2019/20, we're expanding the sundeck again all the way across the base area to the Adventure Academy, including filling in the gaps in front of Big Bear Sports, with more seating and firepits, heated pavers to reduce snow accumulation, and a new USARC facility.

      • Expanded paver section across base area to Adventure Academy with additional seating and firepits.
      • Refinished area in front of Big Bear Sports to eliminate gaps, create holistic event space, and provide better ADA access.
      • New USARC facility for adaptive sports programs.
    Off-site Projects

    In addition to all of the on-site endeavors, we’re also continuing our commitment to provide the best possible experience for our employees. Last year, BBMR purchased a lodging facility in town to help offset the lack of affordable local options for seasonal employees. This year, we’re investing even more in the facility to make it a true home away from home for +120 seasonal staff during the winter.

    Project: Employee Housing Enhancements

    Acquired in 22/23, seasonal employees will enjoy an even better Employee Housing Complex this winter with a fresh, new look and updated amenities.

    • Exterior updates (painting, parking lot improvements, roofing, and landscaping).
    • Improved interior amenities to enhance overall employee experience and satisfaction.
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